Mon Mar 28

Welcome to Ta Stable Craft Brewing

Craig and I would like to welcome you to an authentic farm brewery experience. Our goal, at Ta Stable Craft Brewing, is for you, our guests to visit a true working farm and to enjoy all that farm life has to offer. From tasting that delicious pint of ale to seeing where that delicious ale was grown.

Bringing our vision to life has been 3 years in the making, and we would like to thank all those who helped bring this vision to a reality. Special shout outs go to Chris Cook of the Farm Bureau for educating us on so many levels throughout this process, Delegate Steve Landes for helping pave the way; to the local Credit Union, for believing in our vision; Dave Kaschel, our farrier, who designed the beautiful chandelier hanging in the tasting room; Scotty Sipe for sending us great crews to help with portions of construction; Scott Moffett for all the beautiful stone fireplaces that he helped construct and lastly we’d like to thank our neighbors, Jim and Janet Bevins for being there when we needed you.

We have a wonderful crew thus far and would like to introduce them –

Ray Crook was our first hire and a natural selection during the preliminary stages of construction. His carpentry and landscape knowledge along with working long hours made the renovation possible and we’d like to recognize and thank him for his undire dedication.


Christopher Fann is our Head Brewmaster and comes to us from Brothers Brewing in Harrisonburg. We can’t wait for you to sample his tasty beers on tap. Chris has developed an array of 16 beers that are suited to different palates. Chris has put in a lot of long hours getting our equipment up and running and has been a great addition to our core team here at Stable Craft.

Lastly, a special shout to our children, Jack and Emma, who put up with the long hours and adapting to have their parents busy and in construction mode. We know it hasn’t been ideal or easy but they have been great.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to bringing on new staff and adding to our vision at Stable Craft Brewing. Thanks to all who have helped bring this farm brewery to the area.

We welcome you.