Small Batch Release: Dry-Hopped Saison

By Katherine Hensley

Stable Craft Brewing will be rolling out a small batch of a dry-hopped saison Saturday, Oct. 28.

A Belgian-style saison is, generally, a beer that is lighter in body and more carbonated than most beers, according to Issac Peglow, Stable Craft’s assistant brewer. Peglow brewed the dry-hopped saison on Stable Craft’s pilot system, and it will be on tap starting Oct. 28 exclusively in the tasting room.

Saison is a style of beer that was drank during the harvest time, and, typically, would be lower in alcohol percentage. “The one that I brewed was 5.6%,” Peglow said. “Traditionally, they will be between 3% to 6%.”

Dry-hopping simply means the brewer adds dry hops to the beer post-fermentation to get the flavor and aroma of the hops into the beer.

The hops in the dry-hopped saison will be added by the brewer after fermentation is complete.

“Fermentation will stop, and then I will add the dry hops and let it sit warm for a couple days and then I will move it into the cooler and crash it to bring down all of the sediment that is in the beer,” Peglow explained. “Since we don’t have a filter for the pilot system, it will be a clearer beer going over to the brite tank.”

After the beer is crashed, or cooled down, the dry-hopped saison will spend the night in the brite tank where it will be carbonated before being transferred to a keg.

It is a beer that I have always wanted to brew ever since I got into brewing, Peglow said. “I really like saisons because each one is really unique because the flavor profile comes from the yeast rather than mostly from the malt.”

Unlike pale ales and IPAs, the flavor profile in a saison comes from the yeast instead of from the hops. “With your hoppier beers, like IPAs and pale ales, the hops are going to be the stars. Whereas with Britchin Brown, the malt is the star there since there are less hops,” Peglow explained. Britchin Brown is Stable Craft’s brown ale.

Each saison yeast will produce a different flavor profile. The flavor profile can range from dark fruits to spice, such as peppercorn spice.

Citrus will be one of the dominant flavors in the dry-hopped saison that will be available starting Saturday, Oct. 28. Photo Credit:

Peglow will add Citra and Lemondrop hops when he dry hops the saison. With the hop addition, Peglow said drinkers will taste a good bit of citrus flavors, such as lemon. Other flavors that will come through to drinkers include a light cracker-like taste and fruity characteristics.

But the brewer hesitated to say exactly what drinkers will taste since he had not yet dry-hopped the beer.

“It is kind of a wild card whenever you brew it,” Peglow said. “You don’t know exactly how it is going to turn out until it turns out.”


The dry-hopped saison will exclusively be available in Stable Craft Brewing’s tasting room starting Saturday, Oct. 28. Come out to enjoy this harvest-inspired beer style while it is available.