Meet the Star Residents of Hermitage Hill Farm

Horses_bigboxThe horses of Hermitage Hill make our farm brewery a fun and unique place to grab a beer in the tap room, then step out to admire these beautiful animals. We take great pride in our equine residents and maintain a healthy, safe environment for them. We love sharing our horses with our visitors and always ask that the horses and their boundaries be treated with the utmost respect. Due to the nature of our equine residents, we ask that you leave your canine friends at home.

Morocco, Clydesdale Stallion
Morocco is the beefy stallion who is the face of our farm. Going on 10 now, Morocco came to us from Canada at a mere 6 months of age.

Fabos Finale, Eygptian Arabian Gelding
Fabos is a Sheykh Obeyd Eygptian Arabian and was the last stallion from the famous Fabo, owned by Walter Schimanksi of Arizona. Fabi has a princely personality and is very people oriented.

Carolina, Clydesdale and Irish Draft Cross Mare
Carolina was born here, at Hermitage Hill, 10 years ago and is most definitely the top mare around here. She stands at 17.1 and has some of the Clydesdale markings.

Bailey, Clydesdale Mare
Bailey is the newest addition to our herd. Coming to us this past winter from Pennsylvania. Her sweet calm personality makes her a welcome addition.

Pedro, Standard Donkey
Pedro is our standard donkey. He is the eyes, ears and brains of our herd. Donkeys are extremely intelligent and act as natural herders.

Riley, Jerusalem Donkey
Riley is an older gent but you wouldn’t know it to watch him. Pedro and Riley are inseparable and watching them play together in the fields is a great past time.

Cody, Tennessee Walker Gelding
Cody is a flashy paint, who adores being around Carolina.