Fri May 26

IPA’s for Days

The Sunbaked IPA and the Traditional IPA

Besides the Throatlatch IPA, Stable Craft is pleased to provide craft beer lovers with both the Sunbaked IPA and regular IPA. Our IPA is a revitalized West Coast version infusing aromatics and recognizable citrus nose with an exciting East Coast balance of caramel sweetness and complexity. The traditional IPA has a fairly high ABV of 7%. It has a caramel sweetness and a delicate balance of bitterness, cascade nugget hops that are grown on the farm. The Sunbaked IPA boasts big apricot aromas with a subtle fruity flavor. The Sunbaked IPA is brewed with comet and mosaic hops. Apricot IPA is a big flavored beer. The strong hint of apricots makes for boosted aromas.

We suggest pairing the Sunbaked IPA with our crispy braised pork belly. The crispy braised pork is served with chipotle peach BBQ over sriracha coleslaw. Our orchard grilled chicken salad is filled with yummy mixed greens, goat cheese, grilled chicken breast, sugar-grilled peaches, topped with onion marmalade served with peach vinaigrette. If an IPA is just for you, stop by the brewery today and grab a glass. Cheers!