Hops Grown on Site Makes for the Best Craft Beer

Fresh hops from our own hops fields allows us to control all aspects of hop production, harvesting, and storage to ensure optimum quality inputs for our brewery. It is in this
precise management of key ingredients that allows us to consistently produce the best craft beer.

Hermitage Hill has over 800 hop plants, with plans to add more in coming years. Currently, we grow two varieties of hops: Nugget and Cascade. These varieties do well here in the temperate climate of Virginia, and are more resistant to blights and bugs.

We kick off hop growing season a bit early in an on-farm greenhouse that is heated with
the farm’s eco-friendly bio-char system. This sustainable system is a furnace designed to convert manure to heat, leaving behind a residual farm-friendly fertilizer that we spread on our fields.

To expand the working knowledge of hops production in our region, we have developed a “Hops to Beer” internship and are always looking for folks interested in learning more about the making of top craft beer. If you just want to see how hops are harvested, watch for our annual Hop-Picking Party, where you can get in on the fun!