Pork U Collaboration Beer

Pork U’s collaboration beer is officially fermenting.

Stable Craft Brewing’s brewers, Christopher Fann and Issac Peglow, and beer bloggers, Jason Baker and Josh Hall, began brewing the Pork U collaboration beer, a chocolate vanilla milk stout, together on Saturday, Dec. 16. Pork U is a beer and bacon pairing class that will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Jan. 13 as part of Porkuary, an all-day pork celebration.

Josh Hall from “Swill and Swine” has homebrewed in the past, but this was the first time brewing beer for Jason Baker from “Beer, Bacon and More.” It was Hall’s idea to brew a milk stout as he prefers that type of beer.

The collaboration beer was brewed on Stable Craft’s pilot system with the help of Fann and Peglow. The first step for Baker and Hall was to mill the barley to be used in the beer.

Hall poured the barley into the smaller mill used for the pilot system while Baker operated the drill. Using a drill is easier than hand-cranking the mill, Peglow said.

Josh Hall from “Swill and Swine” pours barley into the mill while Jason Baker from “Beer, Bacon and More” operates the drill. This is both of their first times collaborating on a beer with Stable Craft Brewing.

Jason Baker operates the drill on the small mill for the pilot brewing system.

Once the barley was milled, it was added to the mash tun. From there, the brewing process on the pilot brewing system is the same as the brewery’s larger brewing system designed for mass production.

As most familiar with brewing beer are aware, there is a lot of downtime while the brewers wait for one step to end before they can move onto the next step. Hall and Baker took this time to ask Fann and Peglow questions and learn more about brewing beer.

Baker took on the tasks of removing the spent grain from the mash tun and adding the sugar to the beer while it was in the boil kettle.

Baker cleans out the spent grain from the mash tun.

Baker adds the Nugget hops, which are pelletized, to the chocolate vanilla milk stout.

The collaboration beer will get its chocolate flavor from chocolate malt, an ingredient in the beer, Peglow explained. As for the vanilla flavor, the beer will soak in vanilla beans for a couple of days between fermentation and being transferred to the brite tank, Fann said. The Pork U collaboration beer will ferment for about a week and a half in total.

The chocolate vanilla milk stout will be one of the six beers that will be paired with a special type of bacon during Pork U.

Matt Milhit, Stable Craft Brewing’s taproom manager, will cure all of the bacon for Pork U himself. He plans to have the following types of bacon available for the class:

  1. A maple whiskey brined bacon smoked on hickory
  2. An agave syrup and tequila brined bacon smoked on mesquite
  3. A brown sugar and cinnamon dry-rubbed bacon smoked on applewood
  4. A black pepper and coffee dry-rubbed bacon smoked on hickory
  5. A chili dry-rubbed bacon smoked on cherry
  6. A dry-cured Italian bacon, or pancetta

The following Stable Craft beers will be paired with the above types of bacon:

  1. Porter
  2. Roostered Red
  3. Blue Ridge Sunryes Lager
  4. Throatlatch
  5. Britchin Brown
  6. Special Collaboration Beer – a chocolate vanilla milk stout

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Join Christopher Fann, Josh Hall and Jason Baker for Pork U, Stable Craft’s educational beer and bacon pairing class, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. January 13.

Small Batch Release: Dry-Hopped Saison

Stable Craft Brewing will be rolling out a small batch of a dry-hopped saison Saturday, Oct. 28.

A Belgian-style saison is, generally, a beer that is lighter in body and more carbonated than most beers, according to Issac Peglow, Stable Craft’s assistant brewer. Peglow brewed the dry-hopped saison on Stable Craft’s pilot system, and it will be on tap starting Oct. 28 exclusively in the tasting room.

Saison is a style of beer that was drank during the harvest time, and, typically, would be lower in alcohol percentage. “The one that I brewed was 5.6%,” Peglow said. “Traditionally, they will be between 3% to 6%.”

Dry-hopping simply means the brewer adds dry hops to the beer post-fermentation to get the flavor and aroma of the hops into the beer.

The hops in the dry-hopped saison will be added by the brewer after fermentation is complete.

“Fermentation will stop, and then I will add the dry hops and let it sit warm for a couple days and then I will move it into the cooler and crash it to bring down all of the sediment that is in the beer,” Peglow explained. “Since we don’t have a filter for the pilot system, it will be a clearer beer going over to the brite tank.”

After the beer is crashed, or cooled down, the dry-hopped saison will spend the night in the brite tank where it will be carbonated before being transferred to a keg.

It is a beer that I have always wanted to brew ever since I got into brewing, Peglow said. “I really like saisons because each one is really unique because the flavor profile comes from the yeast rather than mostly from the malt.”

Unlike pale ales and IPAs, the flavor profile in a saison comes from the yeast instead of from the hops. “With your hoppier beers, like IPAs and pale ales, the hops are going to be the stars. Whereas with Britchin Brown, the malt is the star there since there are less hops,” Peglow explained. Britchin Brown is Stable Craft’s brown ale.

Each saison yeast will produce a different flavor profile. The flavor profile can range from dark fruits to spice, such as peppercorn spice.

Citrus will be one of the dominant flavors in the dry-hopped saison that will be available starting Saturday, Oct. 28. Photo Credit: pixabay.com

Peglow will add Citra and Lemondrop hops when he dry hops the saison. With the hop addition, Peglow said drinkers will taste a good bit of citrus flavors, such as lemon. Other flavors that will come through to drinkers include a light cracker-like taste and fruity characteristics.

But the brewer hesitated to say exactly what drinkers will taste since he had not yet dry-hopped the beer.

“It is kind of a wild card whenever you brew it,” Peglow said. “You don’t know exactly how it is going to turn out until it turns out.”


The dry-hopped saison will exclusively be available in Stable Craft Brewing’s tasting room starting Saturday, Oct. 28. Come out to enjoy this harvest-inspired beer style while it is available.

Stable Craft Brewing’s 1st Year Anniversary Kentucky Derby Celebration

We can’t believe it has been a whole year of fun and growth at Stable Craft Brewing.
To celebrate, we are throwing ourselves a 1-year birthday party celebration and we want to invite you! Our birthday falls on the “Running of the Roses”, so we will be celebrating in true Kentucky Derby Fashion. Join us for our 1 Year Anniversary and Kentucky Derby Celebration!

Stable Craft Brewing's 1 year Anniversary Kentucky Derby Celebration

Bring your hats and your taste buds – Stable Craft Brewing will have fun Limited Release Beers throughout the day and our Anniversary Beer- the Stable Craft Julep will be released at 2 pm. This is a limited release of only 200 bottles, so be sure to grab yours before they disappear.

Horses, large hats, hop and brewery tours, fabulous food, cornhole, volleyball and lest we do not forget, the running of the Kentucky Derby. Bring your friends and your hats it will be a day of fun and celebration.

To learn more about the Kentucky Derby click here.

Be sure to join Stable Craft Brewing for the 143rd “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” on Saturday, May 6th, 2016 from 12 pm – 10 pm.

See Our Listing of Small Batch Releases Below:
Limited Craft Beer Releases for our 1st Year Anniversary Kentucky Derby Celebration


Cumuli Nimbi | 6.3% ABV
• Our 2nd version of this crafty IPA
• We used tons of Amarillo, Simcoe, and Citra to give this beer a big juicy nose and taste. Very light in body, hazy, smooth mouthfeel!
• Bottles for sale: 12oz – 25ish bottles



Barrel Aged Imboden’s Valley Reserve Ale | 12.5% ABV
• Extremely limited! Not available again until December!
• This is our Imperial American Stout that has been aging in Rye Whiskey barrels for almost 6 months. Big, boozy, sweet, with tons of chocolate, vanilla, and oak on the nose and taste with hints of the rye whiskey.
• Bottles for sale: 0 until December



Madridiculous IPA | 6.9% ABV
• One massive juice bomb!
• Brewed with Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe late addition hops, look for a ton of flavor and aroma, not bitterness with this one. Light, crisper, and smooth with tons of tropical aromas on the nose. HAZY AF!
• Bottles for sale: 12oz – 25ish bottles


Grandsire Ale | 12.2% ABV
• This small batch was aged on Bourbon Barrel Oak Chips which add a big boozy hit and oaky flavor.
• This big and complex Belgian Strong Ale has the typical Belgian yeast spice with hints of bubble gum, toffee, and raisins/dark fruits on the nose. It’s thick and boozy, and has a big hit of toasted caramel up front and finishes with hints of toffee, raisins and plums.
• Bottles for sale: 12oz – 6-10 bottles, maybe…..


Dark Bay IPA 6.2% –
• This Black IPA is nice and roast without being astringent. Look for lots of citrus and grassy hop and a coffee like roast on the nose, with a bold bitterness up front from the hops and roasted malts used. It finishes nice and clean with a slight caramel sweetness and grassy hop note to cleanse for the next sip!
• Bottles for sale: 12oz – 25ish bottles