Our beers rotate daily based on availability.
We also offer “The Randall”- an infuser of any crazy ingredients you can think of!
Flavors change daily so ask your server what we are pouring today.

Pale Ale
A citrusy pale ale with a malt backbone. A complex and balanced pale ale.
ABV 5.3%

Appalachian Divide American Blonde
A light and easy drinking ale. This Blonde Ale showcases how a light beer should taste
ABV 4.0%

Britchin Brown Ale
A roasty and nutty Brown that showcases the malts. A great refreshing ale on a warm day.
ABV 5.5%

This IPA has a citrusy nose followed with a caramel sweetness to balance out the bitterness of the hops. A showcase of Cascade and Nugget hops grown here on the farm.
ABV 7.2%

Throatlatch Imperial Farm IPA
This imperial IPA is a bigger and bolder version of our IPA. Complex, fruity flavor loaded with hops to balance out the sweetness of the caramel malts used.
ABV 8.5%

Robust Porter – carefully crafted to the malts to shine. Pleasant chocolate tones and a roasty nose.
ABV 5.6%

Blueberry Blonde
This is our classic American Blonde ramped up with loads of blueberries.Look for the same tasting notes from the Appalachian Divide, only with a slight sweetness from the blueberries.
ABV 4.0%

Smoked Red Ale
A twist on the famous Irish Red Ale .Roasty red ale with a slightly smokey hint to the nose and taste. Nugget and Cascade hops add a grassy and slightly citrusy bite to balance out the sweetness.
ABV 5.8%

Our take on the classic Belgian Saison. Light in color, with spice and bubblegum notes on the nose. It drinks with the spice from the belgian yeast and finishes dry.
ABV 5.6%

Night Latch
American Stout

This Stout is big on flavor! Look for big roasty notes in the nose with hints of cascade and fuggle hops. As you drink you will find a well balanced roast and chocolate flavor with a slight hop bite.
ABV 6.6%

Belgian Witbier
A Belgian Wit has a fruity nose and beautiful foam lacing. Notes of orange peel and coriander make this a perfect summer ale.
ABV 4.5%

Saison w/ Brett
Our Saison with Brettanomyces Claussenii added to give it a kick. Classic belgian with hints of hay & funk in the nose & taste; slight dill flavor from added Sorachi Ace hop. A Saison with a little earthiness.
ABV 5.6%

Small Batch Beer – Buckboard Fall Ale
This week’s small batch beer is a Pumpkin Ale. Look for a slightly amber color with hints of caramel, crust, and spice on the nose, and pumpkin, crust, and spice in the taste!
ABV 5.8%

Hayfire Wheat
Summer wheat is light and fruity. Slightly cloudy, light-bodied, straw-colored beer with a sweet, bready malt flavor, low hop bitterness and a hint of natural citrus.
ABV 4.7%

Harvest Ale
(Wet Hopped with Our Hops) This version of our pale ale showcases the hops grown right here on the farm- Cascade and Nugget, fresh from the farm.
ABV 5.3%

Whoa Bucker
Oatmeal Stout

This Oatmeal stout is an ode to complexity – roasted coffee notes, chocolate, and the sweetness of oatmeal. As you drink you will be greeted by light notes of coffee, caramel, and a sweet, silky, creamy mouthfeel.
ABV 5.5 %

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