Hermitage Hill Farm and Stables story began with the purchase of an operational horse farm back in 2006. Waynesboro Stables, as it was known originally, raised and trained Tennessee Walkers. The barn was built at a massive length of 288 feet which enabled the main aisle to accommodate the riding and training of walking and pleasure horses.

With the purchase of this farm, Craig and Nikki Nargi’s main goal was to preserve the rural landscape. They also envisioned creating an event venue that allowed guests to enjoy a beautiful setting, an upscale barn and of course its horses, for special occasions; such as, weddings, receptions, private parties, corporate events and more. As this time, this concept was novel and little groundwork was in place with regards to this new industry – Agritourism. Craig Nargi took his plans to Richmond and sought out new legislation to put these dreams into reality. With the start of new legislation, Hermitage Hill became a reality.

Starting off primarily as a horse boarding facility, the Nargis slowly began the renovations of the barn. Their plan was to convert an indoor riding arena into a reception room. Painstakingly, they worked with local artisans to create spaces that reflected the rustic craftsmanship of a barn with hand-hewed beams and timber structures reminiscent of barn building, all-the-while introducing the amenities necessary to hosting large events. Heat and air-conditioning, piped-in music, upgraded plumbing and wiring to create a spaces that reflect conference facilities. Hermitage Hill opened its doors to hosting weddings and events in 2008 and each year, renovations to improve the facility have come about to meet the demands of discriminating clientele.

The farm’s unparalleled success with weddings and events created the desire to expand into other arenas and a farm brewery was a natural fit. The vision to create more than fine brews was important, experiencing a farm brewery is part of the mission. At taStable Craft Brewing, we pledge to bring you, a fine array of taStable beers and an enjoyable farm experience.