hops1At taStable Craft Brewing, we grow our own hops supply. This allows us to control all aspects of hop production, harvesting and storage to ensure optimum quality inputs for our brewery. Producing our own hops allows us to bring you, the customer, a farm fresh beer.

Three years into production, Hermitage Hill has over 800 hop plants; with plans to add more hop bines in the near future. Currently, we grow two varieties of hops: Nugget and Cascade. These varieties do well in the more temperate climates of Virginia and are more resistant to blights and bugs of the warmer climates.

To start our hop growing season a bit early, we start our new plants in an on-farm greenhouse that is heated with the farm’s green-friendly bio-char system. Our bio-char system is a furnace developed for our farm to convert manure into a heat source and leave behind a residual farm-friendly fertilizer to spread on our fields. This eco-friendly method helps keep our farm happy and healthy.

On-site, we have developed a “Hops to Beer” internship and are always looking for folks that are interested in expanding their working knowledge of hops production.